A visitor can instantly feel at home wandering around the city of Juneau.  It’s the state capital of Alaska and yet it has a small-town friendly atmosphere.  It’s possible to sit down in a pub with local fishermen and spend the evening enjoying a locally brewed Alaska Brewing Company IPA, relaxing after a day spent exploring majestic mountains or watching humpback whales.  The best hotels in Juneau offer comforts not normally associated with small towns due to the fantastic tourism infrastructure, making it a place where anyone can feel comfortable.  whale watching juneau alaska

Visitors to Juneau will be astounded by the natural scenery surrounding the city.  Networks of hiking and biking trails make it possible to navigate the rugged majestic mountains nearby.  Other visitors may spend their days kayaking through rivers and streams or even participating in a salmon derby held during the August fishing season.  Numerous companies offer boat tours to see the local wildlife, including humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, porpoises, and eagles.  Some companies may even combine this trip with a visit to Mendenhall Glacier.

The glacier is part of the Juneau Icefield, an interconnected mass of 38 glaciers, slowly moving rivers of ice.  Some tours take visitors to the Mendenhall visitor center, which provides incredible views of this natural treasure.  Other trips take tourists on a helicopter flight over the glacier, providing views of crystal blue crevasses and icy spires.  Flights land on the glacier and allow visitors to spend time trekking on the ice, absorbing the fantasy-like scenery.  After a day on the ice a rest at one of the best hotels in Juneau is well deserved.

Relaxing in the town is a pleasant experience as well.  The friendly atmosphere and local pride give it a unique feel.  The climate is surprisingly pleasant for Alaska, somewhat like Seattle and with warmer winters than either Chicago or Cleveland.  There is a fair amount of rain but overcast days are actually best for glacier trips, the light offering better photos.  The town is full of artisan shops and hosts crafts markets and music festivals at certain times throughout the year.  A stay is well worth it.  Staying at the best hotels in Juneau and taking a helicopter tour is one of those unforgettable experiences that any traveler will never regret.