If you are going to ask little kids about places they would like to visit, Disneyland might be the first thing that comes into their mind. However, this famous landmark has been facing competitions as other similar travel destinations have also gained popularity over the years. One example is Legoland in Johor, Malaysia. Since it was opened, there had been greater air and land traffic from Singapore to Legoland. This leads us to wonder whether or not this destination as well as other theme parks in Malaysia can gain this country the title as the Official Wonderland of Asia. Prediksi Hongkong Pools

So far, only Hongkong, Japan, and Malaysia can boast of theme parks as part of itineraries of foreign tourists. Other countries only offer tropical beaches and inland resorts as main attractions like the Philippines and Thailand. Other countries offer history and mysticism as the main reason why visitors should flock India, Nepal, and Cambodia. Malaysia is a growing nation and one of Asia’s newest tiger economies. And, Asia as a whole is of one big population and therefore offers a similarly huge tourist potential.

If you are a marketing expert, you know that you need to create your own niche in order to generate customers. In the case of Malaysia, theme park is one way to entice tourists and not just plain tourists but the entire family. One of the biggest worries with inviting backpackers is that they have limited purchasing power. The family as a tourist offer greater profits especially if you consider children who can easily twist their parents into their hands and persuade them to spend on what they like to do, eat, and play.